Wiggy is a fluffy earthling who designs and creates jewellery in her rural studio. Sometimes you might also find her among trees in the middle of nowhere with her mobile studio.

She makes modern jewellery in an ancient world. Surrounded by the supernatural, she carves her precious stones into the figures, faces and divine creatures inherited from her ancestors and encountered in her waking world. She works with archaic techniques that allow her to use her hands to touch, shape and and texture the metal and stone. Each piece bears the imprint of her hands shaping over the slow arc of time.

She prefers to work with precious stones that had traces of minerals embedded into their chemical structure as they cooled in the air of primordial earth. These gems are unique, perfect acts of inclusion shaped by our planet.

No two finished pieces will be the same. Unique stones are carved and set within gold and silver covered in fingerprints and worn smooth by her touch.





Wiggy in the wood

Wiggy Wong

Wiggy Wong

French Wiggy